Education is one of the most appropriate means for character Building. UNEOS aims to provide the real action in the education field. Through the program, UNEOS committed that young generation in Indonesia can contribute directly in International Education field. Through the program, Delegates of UNEOS can contribute directly by donating 10 USD. Any funds collected will directly distribute to the party that we think most appropriate to accept donations from the Delegates. UNEOS gives the whole donation to trusted Foundation Peduli Muslim for Education in Syria. One of the reasons we selected Foundation Peduli Muslim through many considerations, one of them is Peduli Muslim Foundation focuses in the field of humanitarian and social also concern in a role of education in Indonesia and also in Syria. The other reason, finally UNEOS makes Syria in one World mission Empowerment because the sense of humanity that can be seen directly in the Mass Media. This makes UNEOS decide it when seeing children in Syria which were forced to the bench and cannot continue their Education because of problems that they do not even fully understand as well. Me, you, all of us, we may got more fortunate than the children in Syria in terms of education. Therefore, UNEOS with the donation given by the Delegates, we strongly believe that this action will open their mind that change is necessary through education for a brighter future.

We hereby would like to inform you that UNEOS has delivered a donation from Whole Delegates to one of the representative of the Peduli Muslim Foundation, Mr. Ramdhan directly in the Office of Muslim Peduli in Yogyakarta. The donation was represented by one of our Committee to Mr. Ramdhan, as the finance staff of Peduli Muslim Foundation around Rp 11,200,000.00 (Eleven million two hundred thousand rupiah) in cash. Our great hope that this donation can be useful for children in Syria who are currently in need indeed. Furthermore, this donation can be immediately distribute and help the children. May the donation be useful and open the window into a better education and give value to all Delegates who have already contributed to the real World in international education.