JANUARY 13th – 16th , 2018

Entrepreneurs and Sustainable Economic Growth for Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges


UNEOS Malaysia UNEOS Malaysia is an annual UNEOS program in collaboration with universities and industries in Malaysia. The program presented an international conference: “Entrepreneurs and Sustainable Economic Growth for Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges”, also provided various international education atmosphere and excursions to give international experiences and to extend the economic knowledge of youth and an interesting culture excursion for those who care about preserving the culture to face the global market challenges. Ideas and insights will be wasted away if they are not communicated.


Malaysian Culture Excursion

Studying the history of Malaysia, its citizens, customs, society, and culture.

Conference Program

Discussing and understanding the lectures from the keynote speakers on the subject of the global economic issues, advanced technology, human capital, and the like in order to boost the economic growth for developing countries.

International Exposure

Developing cultural awareness along with foreign language proficiency to comprehend the world marketplace through discussing with many local and international individuals who diverge from background, experience, and ability in numerous remarkable circumstances.

Open mind and Empower

Experiencing the program in order to keep an open mind and encourage to empower others for a brighter future.

International Conference

By carrying the grand theme “Entrepreneurs and Sustainable Economic Growth for Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges”, the conference was conducted by professional moderator, Nur Azre Abdul Aziz. Opened by musicalization of poem performance, Aku, from one of the delegates, Firdania Alda Elsadina from Padjajaran University, the conference was divided into four sessions in which invited one speaker of each session.
The first session was started by two outstanding speakers; Dr. Renard Siew, Ph.D. GSAP with topic Creating New Innovation to Maintain Sustainable Economic Growth for Developing Countries, and the second session was from Adj. Professor Dato’ Hashim Bin Saleh who presented topic about Beyond the Strategy of Improving the Economic Growth by the Human Resource Management. The third session invited Metya Indah Firmanti from delegates, presenting Rice Husk Processing to Maximize the Value of Rice Grain as One of The Biggest Commodities in Indonesia as topic. The last session was presented by another delegate, Fandi Andrian Cindra Putra with Third World Cinema: How Indonesian Cinema Industry Withstand the Aftershock of the Post-New Order Era as the topic. Collaborating and speaking up in one forum, to commit together was the opportunity that UNEOS Malaysia delegates took for their first starting contribution in global.

University and Company Visit

The international conference was not the only program that the delegates had gone through with. They also had an opportunity to attend workshop about Entrepreneur, met with the students and had campus tour in the best university in Malaysia, University of Kuala Lumpur. There was also an agenda for them to visit Royal Selangor, a pewter industry in Malaysia. That was the place where they where able to experience the Making of silverware and jewelry. What an experience for them who did desire for being an entrepreneur.


Before closing the UNEOS Program, the delegates were pleased to visit Istana Merdeka, Petronas Twin Tower, Cocoa Boutique, and Batu Cave to learned the society and increase their knowledge about Malaysia. Moreover, as wise man said: “When in overseas, you will learn more about your own country, than you do the place you are visiting”. It was not for merely comparing, since when you see more, you will underst100and the things of what before more comes.

No Nama Universitas
1 Achmad Hafidz Bogor Agricultural University
2 Aghna Zarra Amani 105 Senior High School
3 Agwila Dian Kristanati International University Liaison Indonesia
4 Ainun Safitri Universitas Indonesia
5 Annisa Daniswara Santoso University of Indonesia
6 Arifah Rohmaida Zulfa Islamic State University of Sunan Kalijaga
7 Baiq Clara Dita Chairunnisa University of Indonesia
8 Cristi Meilin Silitonga Islamic University of Indonesia
9 Dita Puspitasari International University Liaison Indonesia
10 Fandi Andrian Cindra Putra Universitas Indonesia
11 Fany Aulia Fachmi Universitas Indonesia
12 Fatma Reza Zubarita Islamic University of Indonesia
13 Firdania Alda Elsadina University of Padjadjaran
14 Itsa Nabila Universitas Indonesia
15 Lisna Aprilianti Gunadarma University
16 Lucia Anindhita University of Lampung
17 Metya Indah Firmanti Universitas Indonesia
18 Mohamat Syauki Dundo Politeknik API Yogyakarta
19 Muh Rifai Sahida STIE Muhammadiyah Mamuju
20 Muhammad Faishal Al Fadhil Islamic University of Indonesia
21 Nurul Fitri Gunadarma University
22 Savira Margaretha Banase Giovanni Catholic Senior High School
23 Vanesya Yustriandita Universitas Indonesia
24 Weni Anggriani Padjadjaran University
25 Yuditha Rizsesa University of Indonesia