November 04th – 09th, 2017
Tokyo Japan

Beyond the Strategy of Improving the Economy Growth by the Innovation Technology and Human Resource Management


UNEOS Japan  is an annual UNEOS program in collaboration with universities and industries in Japan. The program presented an international conference: “Beyond the Strategy of Improving the Economic Growth by the Innovation Technology and Human Resource Management”. Not merely an international conference, it also provided some international excursion to give international exposure and broaden the knowledge of youth and an interesting culture excursion for those who cared about preserving the culture to face the global market challenges.

Speakers of UNEOS JAPAN

Prof. Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, Ph.D

Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CEReS), Chiba University

Risqi Faris Hidayat

University of Tokyo

Fandi Adrian Cindra Putra

Indonesian Delegate, University of Indonesia

Andrei Lorenzo Salta

Philippine Delegate, University of Asia and the Pacific

The Conference


The conference carried the theme “Beyond the Strategy of Improving the Economic Growth by the Innovation Technology and Human Resource Management”. Conducted by graduate student from Sophia University, Karla Francesca Santos, the conference was divided into four sessions in which invited one speaker of each session

The first and second sessions were started by two outstanding speakers; Prof. Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, Ph.D and Risqi Faris Hidayat who both presented the topic about The Strategy of Improving the Economic Growth by the Innovation Technology and Human Resource Management. While the third speaker invited the first representation of the delegates Fandi Adrian Cindra Putra presenting the topic Digital Culture in Indonesia: A New Reality. The last session was taken the second representation of delegates, Andrei Lorenzo Salta with topic Innovation and Competitiveness in the Philippines.It was the stepping stone for the delegates to think, speak up, commit and contribute together for what they really concerned on: Economic Growth.

Japanese Culture Excursion

explore the history of Japan, the people, customs, society, and culture.

Conference Program

speech from expert regarding the global economic issues, advanced technology and human resource management in improving the economics growth.

International Exposure

delegates will interact with many people abroad both locals and international vary in background and experience their ability in many interesting ways.

Open mind and Empower

experiencing the program will open your mind and give you a spirit to empower others for a brighter future.

University Visit and Japanese Technology Exploration


Getting apprehended the idea of innovation technology, human resource management and their relation with economic growth, the delegates were invited to have campus tour at University of Tokyo to feel the euphoria of studying and becoming Japanese students. On the next day, they were also lead to Sophia University, one of the best private university in Japan to find out about admission process and having campus tour.
There was nothing to be proud of if the delegates visited Japan without explore the technology that Japan offers. Panasonic Center, Toyota Mega Web, and Odaiba were the best place for them to explore Japanese technology. A number of technological objects are exhibited there and were pleased the delegates to try each of them by themselves.



The best way to imagine how great a country is by exploring what it has; either its landmarks or its society. As the plus experience of the whole conference program, the delegates were guided to several Japanese great landmarks and traditional objects such as Tokyo Skytree, Harajuku, Shibuya, Ueno Park and Sensoji Temple before closing the conference program and leaving Japan. The delegates had learned the economic growth concerning on technology and human resource, explored the technology and discovered the landmarks and society as well.

NO Full Name Name of College or University
1 Iren Karina Gunadarma University
2 Kayleigh Syamindra Damayanti Brawijaya University
3 Ahmad Husin Gunadarma University
4 Indriana Fitriotavia Endah Sobiroh Telkom University
5 Syifau Rahmah Jendral Soedirman University
6 Marcellinus Christian Adi Nugroho Diponegoro University Semarang
7 Putri Senvia Kusumawardani Bandung Institute of Technology
8 M. FAIZ AFIF Institute Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
9 Geraldhi Katong Islamic University of Indonesia
10 Romadoni Kevin Julian Diponegoro University
11 Rezi Ulya Fauziah State University of Surabaya
13 Fandi Andrian Cindra Putra Universitas Indonesia