” Beyond the Strategies, International Development, and Government Role for Global Economy Risk”


UNEOS Malaysia is a yearly UNEOS program in collaboration with the University and Company in Malaysia. The program provides a unique opportunity to deal first hand with major international issues such as global economic issues.

Speakers of UNEOS Malaysia

Associate Prof. Dr. Normaz Wana Ismail

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Management,
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Uneos Delegates

Claudy Putri Rusmawati, Sulthan Shaummil Faiq, and Wan Muhammad Ilham
SMA N 1 Tangerang

Dr. Jorah Ramlan

Vice President of the Malaysian Economic Association
University of Malaya

Uneos Delegates

Ayu Endah Mustikaningtyas ,Lia Suci Kriswanti, and Zuliastuti Arumsari
Yogyakarta Region

The Conference


The objective of the conference program is to open mind and broaden the knowledge of the participants. The first keynote speaker, Dr. Normaz Wana Ismail was explained about “ASEAN Economic Community Challenges and Way Forward”. It was a very interesting topic thought the history of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the AEC Blueprint and Roadmap, ASEAN trade and integration into the global economy, and way forward in AEC. The second keynote speaker was Dr. Jorah Ramlan. She was talked regarding “ASEAN Economic Community: Economic Development in Malaysia”. More details about the AEC Blueprint and Roadmap, the transformation and policies, the new economic model and the policies, also the national development plan towards AEC challenges.

The conference also facilitates delegates to present their papers. The third speaker were the representatives of UNEOS delegates from SMA N 1 Tangerang (Claudy Putri Rusmawati, Sulthan Shaummil Faiq, and Wan Muhammad Ilham). They discussed concerning “Generalizing the Quality of Education for Reaching Economic Integration”. ASEAN Economic Community needs a great tool to achieve its goals and that is qualified human resources through a great education. Therefore, the team concluded that to achieve economic integration, the team suggested to generalizing the educational system. Another speaker from the delegates were students from the representative of Universities in Yogyakarta (Ayu Endah Mustikaningtyas, Lia Suci Kriswanti, and Zuliastuti Arumsari). Those delegates discoursed about “Export-import tax harmonization of foreign ASEAN Region in ongoing Securing ASEAN Economic Community”. The team propose a solution for ASEAN trade cooperation facing the ASEAN Economic Community challenges to give a better benefit for ASEAN members. The solution is tax harmonization on the export-import.

FGD & Group Presentation

Right after the conference session, delegates were given a chance to be active in a forum group discussion. Each groups were reviewed the topic of the conference, expose their arguments, and made their own conclusions. Each groups presented their result of the group discussion in front of the other delegates. Furthermore, all delegates gather as one big forum group discussion to summarize and conclude the conference. These facilitate delegates to be active and confident to expose themselves and be brave to speak up their mind to argue with others. Thus, delegates improve their communication skill and confidence.


To gain knowledge you do not have to stay in your home country, it is good to move around, meeting new people from different background, and exploring another country will definitely broaden your horizons, you just need to open your mind and think positively as there is always a lesson to learn in every problem. UNEOS Malaysia also facilitates excursion program. The excursion program includes some visits and explore Malaysia.
The delegates visited University of Malaya and having a library tour and campus tour on bus since the campus is very huge. The visit was assisted by the international students of University of Malaya who are also UNEOS ambassador and delegates. Moreover, delegates also visited the museum and gallery of Bank Negara Malaysia where the history of banking and trade were set in very interesting way and easy to understand. Delegates were also introduced into the library of Bank Negara Malaysia where the collections of finance and banking books were stored. You may check the collections even read the books on site to gain your knowledge.
Beside the visits, UNEOS Malaysia brought delegates to the iconic landmark of Malaysia that is Petronas Twin Tower, Batu Cave, Istana Negara Malaysia, Dataran Merdeka, and Putrajaya Malaysia as the center of Malaysian government to give more knowledge about our neighborhood country. Delegates also visited several different market such as Local Product and Souvenir market, Sungei Wang, and Central Market to analyze the market of Malaysia and experience the trade with locals. Delegates are expected to gain more knowledge by experiencing and witnessing the people, trading, and market in accordance with ASEAN Economic Community Challenges.

Culture Performance

The program includes culture performances for delegates to expose themselves through culture and showed in between the conference session. In the opening of the conference, Nadya Cinthya (Lambung Mangkurat University) performed a tradition song from Central Kalimantan, Mamangun Mahaga Lewu which has a great meaning to maintain the integrity and invite youth to preserve, build, and develop what we have for the next generation. By the end of the group discussion session, Retno Khoirunnisa from Bogor Agricultural University presented a very touching poetry reading. She made her own poem dedicated to youth to be aware of the poverty and our society and empower youth to do something for a better future. The day of the conference session was ended with an awesome collaboration of the delegates performed the traditional dance, Topeng Malangan Madura Dance feat Nindak Rembati Betawi Dance. Syafira Vionika Fadila from State Senior High School 1 Batu, Sherly Amalia Arif from University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Aisya Insyani from Airlangga University, and Wahyu Purnomo Aji from Brawijaya University mesmerized the delegates and guests with their delightful performance in a pleasing harmony. The perfect collaborations and performances surpassed the boundaries and showed the unity in diversity.

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