Digital Business Strategy: Optimizing and Developing Creativity and Innovation.

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3 October 2018 – 7 October 2018


UNEOS MALAYSIA is an international conference arranged by UNEOS Organization in association with universities and industries in Malaysia. The program offers a distinctive prospect to discuss about significant international issues including global issues by conducting an international conference: Digital Business Strategy: Optimizing and Developing Creativity and Innovation”. This conference is arranged to accommodate a platform for the young generations to determine and figure out the way to express their contribution on particular global issues such as economic growth for sustainable development. It is a considerable forum where youth can change and inspire, and find the solution, and contribute.

One of the greatest obstacles faced by developing countries is poverty. Poverty has long been an impediment for the economic growth of a country. Concerning this issue, we should be aware that poverty as the barrier on the development of a country is a serious issues to surmount. In order to diminish poverty, creative and innovative thinking should be involved, cultured, and cultivated among the people. Thus, by fostering creative and innovative thinking, the courage to fight against poverty will arise and make it accessible to reduce. Hence, harnessing digital future through digital business strategy becomes one of significant weapons for economic growth as it offers solution to drive the economy by making the best utilization of digital future.`

In regard to this issue, empowering economic growth can be done by young generations by, identifying the problem, channeling their critical and creative thinking, and collaborating to uncover the ideas in order to get greater impact on alleviating poverty. In this manner, young generations contributions can be one of the driving forces in helping economic growth for our nation particularly, and global generally. Show your real action by joining UNEOS Malaysia! We invite young generations who are audacious to express their ideas, deliver their analytical thinking and eager to learn and attain deeper insight from the world’s best experts and share their idea to others.

Let’s define, commit and give impact through UNEOS Malaysia 2018!

The program comprises these learning activities

Conference Program

Discussing and understanding the lectures from the keynote speakers on the subject of creative and innovative digital business strategy as the means to alleviate poverty and as the driving forces of economic growth in order to obtain global sustainable development.

International Workshop

Being invited and attending international conference in collaboration with Malaysian organization, the delegates will get the insight from practitioners about how to realize the idea coming from their mind.

Open Mind and Empower

Experiencing the program in order to keep an open mind and courage to empower others for a brighter future.

All participants are necessary to conduct the tasks along these lines:

  • Broad Insight: The conference will invite them who are expert and have concern on social innovation as highlighted theme as keynote speakers to present broad introduction about the topic and empower the delegates to take their action promoting tourism, local culture and products for economic growth in order to obtain global sustainable development.
  • Inspiring Ideas: Beside inviting the keynote speakers, the conference will also offer the opportunity to speak up their minds for future collaboration with others. Attending inspiring workshop will complete their ‘learning for action’ ability in the future.
  • An Empowered Forum: The delegates will have focus group on discussion and group presentation to briefly explain their idea after attending the conference.
  • International Exposure:  The delegate will get international exposure by visiting a number of landmarks in Malaysia packed in excursion agenda.

To be accepted as a participant in the UNEOS•MALAYSIA 2018,  students have to fill out the online enrollment form, and has the following specifications:

  • 16-25 years old Indonesian high school or University student
  • Have strong leadership
  • Have a great interest in culture and technology
  • Willing to contribute at the international education development
  • Healthy (physically and mentally)

The applications will be examined on a weekly basis until all positions are filled. As the positions available are LIMITED, once the limit has been reached, applications will no longer be considered.

The participation fee for the UNEOS•MALAYSIA project is $ 400

The payment is done in 3 stages:

  • The payment stage 1 of USD 200 maximum August 16, 2017.
  • The payment stage 2 of USD 200 maximum September 16, 2017.

and Includes:

  • Each participant will contribute $ 5 to help the World Education and handed symbolic of participants at the conference.
  • Conference Certificate
  • Background guide
  • Delegate kit
  • Tutoring on-line
  • Registration fee for UNEOS•MALAYSIA 2018
  • Airport-hotel transfers in Kuala Lumpur
  • Hotel
  • Meals (B,L,D)
  • Transportation during program
  • Documentation
  • Exclude Flight Ticket

*Cost of the program covers all the activities during the conference and some of the excursion agenda.

If you want to try find a sponsor, please feel free to download the proposal program for your support documents below.  


Putrajaya International
Convention Centre


  • Pickup Airport at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • Pre-Conference
    Delegates will meet the committee and be assisted in the airport and attend pre-Conference for main conference preparation.


  • Breakfast
  • International Conference
    Theme: “Digital Business Strategy: Optimizing and Developing Creativity and Innovation.”

    • Registration
    • Conference Session I (Improving Awareness on the Importance of Digital Business Strategy)
    • Conference Session II (Role of Digital Business Strategy on the Success of the Company)
    • Snack Break
    • Conference Session III (Devising Creative and Innovative Ideas of Digital Business Strategy)
    • Delegates’ Presentations (Related to the theme given)
    • Lunch Break
    • Focused Group Discussion (Promoting Digital Business Strategy for Economic Growth)
    • Snack Break
    • Presentation
    • Conclusion (Drafting the actions obtained to develop creative and innovative digital business strategy to improve economic growth)
    • Closing and Awarding
    • Dinner

Target: The delegates will have full day International Conference. It is expected that they may gain the knowledge from the experts and collaborate each other for future endeavor, as the theme of the conference: “Digital Business Strategy: Optimizing and Developing Creativity and Innovation. with several topics as follows:
Topic 1  :Improving Awareness on the Importance of Digital Business Strategy
Topic 2  :Role of Digital Business Strategy on the Success of the Company
Topic 3  :Devising Creative and Innovative Ideas of Digital Business Strategy
FGD Promoting Digital Business Strategy for Economic Growth

Conference Speaker 1 (Justin Wong,

Conference Speaker 2 (Azizi Dahalan,

Venue: Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur



  • Breakfast
  • Workshop at KLICC*
  • Excursion

Petronas Twin Tower
Central Market

Target: The delegates will adjust their knowledge from the conference in previous day by attending workshop from Kuala Lumpur International Chamber of Commerce (KLICC). It is one of Malaysia’s largest leading business organization working to enhance and promote international trade, ethical business conduct and a limitless network gateway for global entrepreneurship, partnership and leadership. Furthermore, the delegates will have excursion time to know more about Malaysian socio-economic cycle.


  • University Visit
  • Excursion

Suria KLCC
Petaling Street
Alor Street Food Market

Target: The delegates will improve their knowledge by attending a campus tour in one of leading universities in Malaysia. Afterwards, the delegates will have another excursion time to know more about Malaysian socio-economic cycle.


  • Check Out Hotel
  • Airport Transfer

Target: The delegates will be transferred to Airport for their home coming. May the delegates’ at UNEOS Malaysia 2018 obtain greater experience to play an active role in the global economic growth and empower others for a better world.

Let’s define, commit and give impact through UNEOS Malaysia 2018!