16 JANUARY – 19 JANUARY 2017

” The Development of Human Resources in Entrepreneurship Through the Integrated Learning”


UNEOS Singapore is an annual UNEOS program in collaboration with companies and universities in Singapore. The program provides a unique opportunity for the entire startup business or prospective entrepreneurs who are building their dream for a company business


Dr. Alby Anand Kurian

Founder and Director of Emphasis
Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)

Tri Noviana Wulandari

Uneos Delegates , Slamet Riyadi University

Mr. Norman Julius Wanto

Founder & CEO of the Tee Inkers, AEON Mobile, and Inspirate Medical
Alumni of National University of Singapore (NUS)

Sarwono Sibagariang

Uneos Delegates Padjadjaran University

The Conference

The objective of the conference program is to encourage those who are going to start a business or those who want strengthen their ability to become entrepreneurs or those who want to grow the business into a major company. The conference facilitates delegates to present their papers to introduce their ideas or business to empower others. The first speaker, Ms. Tri Noviana Wulandari was shared her start-up company which is a kindergarten. She revealed her success key to the delegates and encourage them to go forward and portray the dream. The second speaker was Mr. Sarwono Sibagariang, he started his project from his dreams and actualize it into actions. He moved delegates and proved that we can achieve our dreams and we just need to be brave enough to start it.

The session continued with the keynote speaker, Dr. Alby Anand Kurian who is an inspiring writer and management professional (both practitioner as well as an academician). He inspired delegates how to create a brand and market it world-wide. He gave the insight of a reality plus and that was very interesting and very knowledgeable likewise. And finally the last keynote speaker, Mr. Norman Julius who has entered the world of entrepreneurship at the age of 17, in high school, and built 2 companies while in National University of Singapore (NUS). He motivated delegates to learn, grow, and learn some more to snowball those actions into something bigger. Dare to dream, actualize it into actions, and learn some more to grow it bigger. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain.

University Visit & Company Workshop

In the same day right after the conference program, the delegates were escorted to National National University of Singapore as the best public university in Singapore and considered as a world class and top university. The delegates were welcomed by the NUS student ambassador and given a campus tour. After the campus tour, delegates enjoy the lunch at the canteen of a prestigious university in Singapore, NUS and get the insight of student life and campus atmosphere. In the next day, delegates were given a chance to be active in a workshop at Hawksford Singapore. Hawksford is an international company focusing in start-up business consulting and arrangement. Delegates were welcomed and given a presentation regarding the start-up business in Singapore. They have an interactive discussion and shared their ideas to get an input of starting the business.


Learning from the best might inspire us to achieve the best. The program also facilitates an excursion in Singapore as the best country in ASEAN and considered as the central hub of the world to broaden our horizons. We encourage delegates to open your mind and think positively so the window of new experience and knowledge will be widely opened. The excursion program includes some visits to iconic landmarks, markets, and explore Singapore.

The delegates visited the iconic landmark of Singapore which is the Merlion park, Sentosa Island, and Gardens by the Bay. Delegates may observe the ideas of Singapore created wonderful landmarks for its people to relax from their busy day and even to make it a destination site for people all over the world. Delegates also witnessed Helix Bridge with its picturesque architecture and enjoyed the performance of “Song of the Sea”. Moreover, delegates observed Mustofa market and Chinatown. Delegates are given a challenge to experience the trading in Chinatown and analyzed the market. They actualize the knowledge by experiencing it directly to have a better understanding.

After Movie


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