16 JULY – 21 JULY 2017
South Korea

”Technology and Culture Facing the Global Market”


UNEOS•SOUTH KOREA is an annual UNEOS program in collaboration with universities and industries in South Korea. The program presents an international conference: Beyond the Strategy of Global Economy Challenges “Technology and Culture Facing the Global Market”. Moreover, the program also provides some international excursion to give international exposure and broaden the knowledge of youth and an interesting culture excursion for those who cares about preserving the culture to face the global market challenges. Ideas and insights would be wasted away if they are not expressed. The youth needs some kind of platform to express their opinion, especially about the wide subject of global economy challenges. 
Technology has now created the possibility and even the likelihood of a global culture. The Internet, fax machines, satellites, and cable TV are sweeping away cultural boundaries. Global entertainment companies shape the perceptions and dreams of ordinary citizens, wherever they live. This spread of values, norms, and culture tends to promote Western ideals of capitalism. Will local cultures inevitably fall victim to this global "consumer" culture? Will English eradicate all other languages? Will consumer values overwhelm peoples' sense of community and social solidarity? Or, on the contrary, will a common culture lead the way to greater shared values and political unity? We are the young generation, the hope of our nation; let us give our best for a better world. 


Landon Miller

Global Project Manager at Rehoboth Business Incubator

Elisabeth Kristanti

Indonesia Open University

Vicki Ardiansah

KyungHee University

Ms. Yeaseo Hwang

Daewon Foreign Language High School

The Conference


The purpose of the conference program is to provide knowledge and motivate the students from around the world in bringing to change the world. From this program, they can recognize how the relationship between culture, technology, and economy, so it can affect the economy order of a country.This conference provides an opportunity for delegates to be able to present their papers in expressing their ideas on Technology and Culture in the face of the global economic order.

Moreover, the conference program invited three speaker who has an ability in their field. The first is Mr. Landon Miller as the founder of Seoul Global Startup Center and Global Project Manager at Rehoboth Business Incubator. The topic which provides for Miller is "Economic & Innovation Strategies in Today's Global Market". In this conference, he tries to describe how economy strategy of South Korea in facing global market challenges in terms of business, technology, and culture. Then, he stated that "we can use technology to help us, get back to us. Now you can start the start-up company with minimum capital by using technology like smartphone apps”. From his statement above it can be assumed that he supports foreign businessmen in Korea to start their journey in business.

The second speaker, Mr. Vicki Ardiansah as Master Student at Kyunghee University.On this occasion, the topic which provides to Ardiansyah on "Technology and Culture Facing the Global Economy Challenges", such as how people can live together with machines and how culture can develop the technology. Therefore, culture becomes one of the factors that contribute to the economic development of Korea. Vicky stated that "Wisdom and experience are something that sets us apart from machines."

The third speaker, Ms. Hwang Yae Seo from Daewon Foreign Language Senior High School. She  talks about "The Impact of the Advanced Technology for the Society and the Existence of Culture in the Global Era", how technology advances have had a good impact on cultural change


speech from expert regarding the strategy of global economy challenges, technology and culture facing the global market challenges.


explore the history of Korea, the society, and the culture


experiencing the program will open your mind and give you a spirit to empower others for a brighter future.


delegates will interact with many people abroad vary in background and experience their ability in many interesting ways.

Culture Excursion

UNEOS South Korea introduces the South Korea culture that has links to every Korean people. The aims of the visit which has conducted in several places in South Korea is to provide an overview and understanding the culture of this country. The First place is Gyeongbok Palace. In this place, the delegations were treated to view of the palace which becomes one of the largest castles in South Korea.  At this location, they were greeted by several South Korean colleagues from various universities in South Korea to tour the Palace by telling the history and culture of South Korea. After visiting the Palace of Gyeongbok Palace, delegates were invited to tour the old village of Bukchon Hanok Village which became a symbol of South Korean civilization during the Joseon dynasty era. The last visit in Culture Excursion is to experience South Korean traditional food, Kimchi and using traditional clothes which are known as Hanbok. All the excursion is implemented to emphasize that South Korea has cultural values that make the identity of a nation.

Excursion Program

In addition, UNEOS South Korea showing the country's cultural and technological side. the delegates were invited to see how South Korea's economy revolves by visited two famous markets, Dongdaemun Market and Myeongdong. These market were known with their own trademark

Company Visit

UNEOS South Korea program provides an opportunity to know how a tradition or culture with technology can improve a country's economy. On the other hand, it helps delegates to open their minds and think positively about how cultures, technologies, and economies can collaborate with each other into a great power. The program also visited several major companies in South Korea. Then, delegates were invited to visit three representatives locations.The first location is viewed Korean creative industry, namely "Winter Sonata" as part of drama series which located in Nami Island. From the location shows that culture in the field of creative industries has been success in improving the economy of region and state. The second location, participants will visit "Ginseng Center". The participants get information about Ginseng that became an icon of South Korea. For the example, such as how to get ginseng at lower price, how long it takes to get good ginseng and what products are produced from ginseng. The third location is "Samsung D'light". Samsung is the largest national company in South Korea. There are many technology products created by Samsung. By the theme of technology for life, Samsung is rapidly creating technology which is useful for human life. Besides Samsung shows how technology evolves in accordance with the times

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NO Full Name Name of College or University
1 Jako Aprilio Sibuea University of Indonesia
2 Adhitya Maulana Ichsan University of Indonesia
3 Choirul Wulan Diesya Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
4 Istiqomah Bandung Institute of Technology
5 Putri K Wakhdani Dwiwarna Senior High Boarding School
6 Nadya Wicak Ayu SMA Dwiwarna Boarding School
7 Elisabeth Kristanti Universitas Terbuka
8 Rahnita chaerani Universitas Sebelas Maret
9 Hasna Mirza Syaputri University Of Indonesia
10 Bennedicktus Peter Pantoro Universitas Surabaya
11 Mohamad Desgia Adinadya Putra University of Padjadjaran
12 Nurul Milla Ismet Andalas university
13 Revi Rahma Aulia Andalas university
14 Kusuma Wardani Andalas University
15 Putri Dwinki Pradinhe Andalas University
16 Annisa Tyas Salsabilla Homeschooling Kak Seto Pusat
17 Bintang Andini Diponegoro University
18 Lutfi Muzzaki Khairullah International University Liaison Indonesia
19 Felicia Esterlita Nugroho Institute of Techology Sepuluh Nopember
20 Dini Nasution Airlangga University
21 Iin Tri Mulya Ningsih Gunadarma University
22 Hwang Yea Seo Daewon Foreign Language High School