”Experience the International Culture Exchange and get the insight”


UNEOS Thailand is an annual UNEOS program in cooperation with universities and industries in Thailand. The program provides an interesting culture exchange program for those who cares about history and world heritage. Ideas and insights would be wasted away if they are not expressed. The youth needs some kind of platform to express their opinion, especially about the wide subject of culture. Exchange the ideas with the global citizen and show that Indonesian are very knowledgeable yet considerable when it comes to cultural differences and similarities. Studying culture would not be complete without meeting the real life form of the culture itself, which is the people. Meet the Thai and grasp as many information as the brain can take.


Mr. Pasavit Boonkongchuen

Chulalongkorn University

Tri Wahyu Melani

Uneos Delegates, Padjadjaran University

Prof. Arthur Gogatz

Stamford University & Director of World Innovation Team

Satrinia Marguna

Uneos Delegates ,Politeknik Kesehatan Kementrian Kesehatan Jakarta 2

The Conference


The objective of the conference program is to encourage those who are interest to experience the culture exchange, gain knowledge regarding histories, world heritage in correlation with global education, and social economy. The conference also facilitates delegates to present their papers to express their ideas deal with preserving the culture and world heritage. The first speaker, Mr. Pasavit Boonkongchuen, was shared his experiences and knowledge as an expert of cultural field from Chulalongkorn University. He revealed his experiences during his carrier to the delegates and encourage them to go forward and portray the dream. The second speaker was Prof. Arthur Gogatz, he shared his interest to learn about cultures and the relationship with society, communication and value of life. His presentation really inspired the delegates and proved that we can learn many positive points from our cultures.

The session continued with the Uneos Delegates presentation, Tri Wahyu Melani form Padjadjaran University. she inspired other delegates how to preserve cultures and heritages through Digitize Heritage Preservation idea.  She tried to connect modern technology in form of digital media to facilitate way of preserving the cultures. And finally the last speaker form Uneos Delegates, Satrinia Marguna from Health Polytechnic Ministry of Health Jakarata II who motivated other delegates to preserve the traditional health treatment from Papua. As an example of the conference concern about, she tried to actualize her actions and explained the advantages of traditional treatment.   

International Conference

One of the best way to become involved in a profession is to attend a conference. There are many benefits, both globally and individually, of attending a conference. Not only do you further your education, but you also learn how to talk to people from diverse backgrounds.

International conferences will influence your career in the future. The benefit of attending a conference is the chance to go abroad with all expenses paid. Student conferences can not only open doors to your career, but also open your eyes to future opportunities, new cultures, and international perspectives.

Performing Art


Performing arts are a form of art in which artists use their voices and/or their bodies, often in relation to other objects, to convey artistic expression. It is different from visual arts, which is when artists use paint/canvas or various materials to create physical or static art objects. Performing arts include several disciplines but everyone is performed in front of live audiences.
International Uneos Thailand are pleased to announce the following Keynote Speakers. They are Arthur Gogatz, Verita Sriratana and Pasavit boonkongchuen. All of them are expert lecturers and professional speakers in culture and art

This program includes performing art in form of traditional music, traditional dance and reading poetry. Uneos Thailand Delegation have chance to presents their perform in conference

FGD & Presentation

A focus group discussion (FGD) is a good way to gather together people from similar backgrounds or experiences to discuss a specific topic of interest. The group of participants is guided by a moderator (or group facilitator) who introduces topics for discussion and helps the group to participate in a lively and natural discussion amongst themselves.
The strength of FGD relies on allowing the participants to agree or disagree with each other so that it provides an insight into how a group thinks about an issue, about the range of opinion and ideas, and the inconsistencies and variation that exists in a particular community in terms of beliefs and their experiences and practices.
With Uneos Thailand you can present your paper and discussion about preserving the culture and World Heritage.

Workshop and Culture Performance

Starting the schedule by welcoming speech and overview of BALAC (Bachelor of Arts program in Language and Culture). It is delivered by Dr Verita Sriratana, Deputy Director of BALAC.  Then, delegations got an opportunity to perform Indonesian cultures in front of the lecturers of Chulalongkorn University and other delegates. First performance is presented by Amanda Anastasia Judika Sianturi and Ayulia Hasanah Pratami form University of Sumatra Utara. They performed traditional dance Sigale-Gale. It is a wooden puppet used in a funeral dance performance of the Batak people of Samosir Island, Northern Sumatra. Second, Ramis Rauf from Gadjah Mada University who is performed poetry reading. He showed an expressive poetry reading through the costume, make-up and well-controlled intonation. Third, Hosnol Khotimah Kurnianturi form State University of Malang who is performed traditional dance Gelang Ro’om from Madura.  Fourth, Ayla Yuca Pratiwi form Health Polytechnic of Jayapura who is performed Sajojo Dance from Papua. Fifth, Rizqy Maulana Hakim from University of Indonesia who performed Sundanese Poetry. The last performance is poetry reading feat Indonesia Pusaka, the national song, delivered by Mulya Jamil and Anggun Rahmita Sari from Islamic University of Riau. Before each of the performance, Syifana Afiati from University of Indonesia double degree program in The University of Queensland and Muhammad Akbar Priandanu from MAN 2 Model Pekanbaru explained about the meaning of the performance to give a better understanding to the audience from Chulalongkorn University and other delegates.

Next, we have a special class in a workshop by Ms. Sari Suharyo, Special Lecturer of Department of Eastern Languages, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. The objective of the workshop is to encourage delegations for being more understand about Teaching Indonesian Language in Thailand.  She explained how interest students in Thailand to learn Indonesian Language. In the end, our schedule in Chulalongkorn University ended by closing remarks and delivered UNEOS program certificate to the delegations by Ms. Darintip Chansit, Deputy Director of BALAC.


The program facilitates an excursion in Thailand as one of the representative country in ASEAN and considered as the land of culture. We encourage delegates to open your mind and think positively how important culture’s role and how to preserve it. The excursion program includes some visits to iconic landmarks, markets, and explore cultural heritage of Thailand.

The delegates visited Honey Bee, one of the representative industry in Thailand. Here, Delegates learned how to process honey and get the best quality. Then, Delegates visited Asiatique. It has bricks-and-mortar shop units, with over 1,500 retail vendors and dozens of restaurants packed in beneath a replica of the colonial-style former warehouse setup.  Delegates can enjoy traditional dance of Thailand which performed in a ship as long as Chaophraya river.                           

In the next day after performing schedule, delegates visited Gems Gallery, the world's biggest jewelry store. Here, delegates observed how Thailand concern for quality of jewelry industry. And in the end, delegates observed and explored Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun. It is Buddhist temple and best known as best known of Thailand's landmarks and the first light of the morning reflects off the surface of the temple with pearly iridescence.

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no Name University
1 Amanda Anastasia Judika Sianturi University of Sumatera Utara
2 Anggun Rahmita Sari Islamic University of Riau
3 Ayla Yuca Pratiwi Health Polytechnic of Jayapura
4 Ayulia Hasanah Pratami University of Sumatera Utara
5 Hosnol Khotimah Kurnianturi State University of Malang
6 Riyantita Tunjung Sari Airlangga University
7 Rohai Widati Islamic University of Indonesia
8 Satrinia Marguna Politeknik Kesehatan Kementrian Kesehatan Jakarta 2
9 Syifana Afiati University of Indonesia and The University of Queensland (double degree program)
10 Tri Wahyu Melani Padjadjaran University
11 Fazlur Rahman Padjadjaran University
12 Muhammad Akbar Priandanu MAN 2 Model Pekanbaru
13 Mulya Jamil Islamic University of Riau
14 Ramis Rauf Gadjah Mada University
15 Rinaldi nur ibrahim Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta
16 Rizqy Maulana Hakim University of Indonesia